​7 Reasons Why You Must Start An Online Business In 2017 

There have never been better times for a Nigerian to start an online business like now, especially when the online business is the type that will pay in foreign currency. Online business like affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses in the world that is capable of earning millions of Naira within the shortest period of time. Yet, Nigerians are not trooping into it.
From my personal research, the major reason why most Nigerians are not trooping into affiliate marketing is because Nigerians are still in a tender stage of fully understanding online business. At this tender stage, people who want to make money online focus on programs that are built on shaky foundations. Such programs include hyip, ponzy schemes, online surveys etc. although this programs provide an elusive earnings potential that can lure newbies into joining them but my task to this newbies is that they should go and check what the big internet guns that are reputable for making millions online what exactly are they doing. I mean the likes of John chow, ewen chia, anik, paschal okafor, Nnamani etc. they are all reputable affiliate marketers and not survey, hyip, ponzy schemes users etc.

For a newbie that do not have an idea of what affiliate marketing is all about, see simple example below.

X owns a product, you sell the product to y and x pays you a commission based on the number of sales you help him made.

Below are the reasons Why You Should Start A Profitable Online Business In 2017

1. More freedom

starting an online business gives you more freedom. It will give you more free time to spend with your Family and Friends. This is what most busy people crave for. If you are one of them, then consider very seriously about starting your own online business. Keep in mind that it will be beneficial to automate your business to the best you can so even if you are not spending time online, it will keep making you money.

2. Work your own hours

When you start your own online business, you create your own working hours. Some people like to work late at night (including myself) and others prefer to work early in the morning. You have the freedom to choose the hours that in your opinion make you feel more comfortable and the same time more productive. Remember you are the boss .

3. No overhead expenses

With an online business you do not have to worry about any operational expenses like leasing a building, paying utilities, paying employees, etc. To run an online business you only need a computer, a good connection to the internet, a willing to learn mindset and tangible sources to learn from. Things are changing fast now that so many online businesses can be carried out using our mobile phones.

4. Easy to start

You don’t have to be a genius to start your own online business and you don’t need any well guarded secrets to make easy money online. It’s all about know-how. You can get a good eBook or a good program at next to no cost that can teach you about online business and how to apply the different strategies to promote your website and have a successful online business. You can start making money on the internet as soon as you are willing to put some effort on your part.

5. The whole world is your market

You will be able to make real money online because you can do business anywhere in the world and it doesn’t matter where you live. You can live in Ajegunle and do legitimate business with people in U.k or with people in Canada. It makes no difference. With an online business the opportunities are endless because the internet is a global Village.

6. Affordable

Unlike a regular offline business like a Provision store, a restaurant, Transportation business, health or any type of these businesses, starting an online business requires very little start up capital. As a matter of fact, you can start with less than N5000 or nothing. This amount is to cover the basic needs like the domain name, web hosting, autoresponder, etc this is when necessary. Some of the most successful online marketers today started their online business on a shoestring.

7. A 24 hours business

Your business will be running 24 hours a day 7 days a week with nobody complaining about it. You see, after you automate your online business the best you can and that should be one of your main goals, then you don’t need to spend more than a few hours on your computer but the internet will be working for you and making you profits 24 / 7. Nothing beats making money on the internet 24 hours a day working just a few hours a week.

Conclussion: Procrastinating if you should start your Online business? Remember the words of Napoleon hills In His Think And Grow Rich, he said “the best time to start is now either you are ready or not because if you are waiting for the right time you will end up never starting.

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