IMAGINE!! Federal Government Paid Boko Haram €3m For the Release Of Abducted Chibok Girls – Wall Street Magazine

It has been reported in the walls street magazine that the Federal Government of Nigeria paid the terrorist sect Boko Haram a sum of €3m for the release of the Abducted Chino girls

Back in 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped  276 Girls in their Dormitories From the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok Born state, 163 was rescued 57 Fleeing weeks after the abduction. 3 Others also escaped and a Swiss coached mediation secured 103.

After wards Oct. 2016 saw 21 of the 103 freed while the remaining 82 were also freed on May 6 this year

Wall Street Journal reported €1m was paid for the initial 22 and thereafter €2m for five Boko Haram commanders that were in exchanged with the remaining 82girls.

Ahmad sadiaka, a journalist who has links within the sect and zannah Mustapha a lawyer played major roles involved in the deals

From the Wall Street Journals:

The plan called for two exchanges. In the first one, Boko Haram would free 20 Chibok hostages in exchange for €1m.

If both sides were satisfied with the outcome, the rest of the girls who wanted to come home would be swapped in the second exchange in return for €2 and five imprisoned Boko Haram commanders.

“As Mustapha worked through the details and tried to maintain the confidence of both sides, the Nigerian government began the delicate process of finding prisoners Shekau would deem acceptable.

“Salkida was the man picked for the task. He began to crisscross Nigeria combing jails and interviewing inmates, looking for militants who fit the profile

Wall Street Journal also reported that:

The President was eager for a victory. He also loathed the idea of paying Boko Haram. No one knew if he would sign off,” it said.
In the end, he approved the deal, with a condition: He insisted that any money that reached Boko Haram would be a step toward a comprehensive peace agreement.
Since the insurgents collected their €3m, some Nigerian officials say an army that had struggled to feed itself seems replenished,” it stated

The spoke man to the FG when contacted neither accepted nor denied this


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