[Must Read] 3 Reasons Why Nigerians Dance In Church – Gabriel Temmy

Dance is a movement and expression of joy by moving the limbs and body to a musical sound

1. For Entertainment

People dance to show off those skills at which they have developed over the week through new songs and moves reigning on the music charts. They need to let the congregation see them in this steps, entertain the congregation in their own way

2. To Give Thanks To God

Christians are believed to give God praise through their dance and praises, they have believed the best way to get anything from God is to praise him through their dancing and singing as it is been done by David in the bible (2sam. 6:21)

3. To Appreciate The Choir

In some situations where you are in a congregation, you must have been moved with the sounds and uniqueness the choristers song on a particular choir ministration as Nigerians may put it.

No matter what reason you must have gone to church for, Above all it pays to go to church to worship the Almighty God and also praise him with your limbs and body

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