Review Of YBNL Stars And Their HairCut (Photo) – Gabriel Temny

YBNL Music acts started the new hair debut 3 weeks back starting with Adekunle Gold.

Adekunle Gold

He is soul music producer/Artist, who just released his official single of The Year titled IRE has Simi comenting on his new hairstyle debut looking like “Moses paths the red sea in time of the bible”. You can see the post here

Olamide Badoo

Another artist from the YBNL Music crew is the head honcho who hails himself the five star general fondly called “Olamide Badoo“. King Badoo trends a long braided single hair debut in time at which he lost him mum, You can see the post here. Olamide has debuted hair styles up to 4 times since he started his musical career in 2013. He has has sometime rock low cut at the start of his career and later 2013 rocked the Afro style and then in 2016 he trended the “Burnt Indomie” kinda hair style where he was joined by DJ Enimoney and again 2017 with the current braid style.


YBNL’s Youngest musical act kenshiro also joined the leagues of other artist in the label to rock his new 2017 hair style, Keshi who has been cold on his fans since the start of 2018 is still ruminating on which sound track to release into the street for his followers. In this new hairstyle, he captioned it as “DiDI”

YBNL stars have been one of the label who is doing good work to and producing street music and are generally embraced for this tunes. In your own thoughts, what do you think about their moves, share with us in the comment box below.

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