Guys Get In Here, See What This Nigerian Lady Wants Before Marriage (Photo)

This Nigerian Lady name withheld makes shocking revelation about the type of man she want as an husband. The advent of Nigerian ladies asking for prices of already made up man this days has risen up-to 60% of all marriage standards in Nigeria and other subordinates.

Marriage in some other believes is a union between a man and a woman to live happily and fulfill the commandment of procreation, marriage should be a union at which two individuals come together and assist each other’s motive and standard and live a happy life. This days, people come together to either procreate or make money, in wider sense they tend to give asking price for them to get married.

This is picture below shows a Nigerian lady who is giving out her standards for any man who is ready to get married to her, she listed alot of expensive stuffs such as Car, house etc which are also believed to be a joy and rightful properties a man must have.

See picture below

Ladies should take caution before giving out rules and setting standards to their dream man so as not to send suitors away. Well some believe the photo is staged but others think the girl is crazy. As a man, what will be your reaction if someone close to you sets out this standard?

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