Father Connides With Son To Molest This Little Girl (See Photos)

“Wonders shall never end” they say in Nigeria system of analyzing issues of unseen and unimaginable occurrences which has somewhat touched the heart and assumptions of a rational mind.

This was the story of this Treacherous act that happened in house in Eshiagurube Boki local government area of Cross River state, Nigeria. Where a boy speculated to be about 12-14 year old was said to rape her junior sister of 5years while the mother was out and caught by his dad but instead of the little child to be saved from the wicked act been done to her from his brother by her saviour dad, she was molested more in return.

Incessant molestation of female child has been common in recent part of the years where little girls have been abused from parents, Gaudian, Friends or neighbours and it is really getting out of hand. This situation was said to have been saved from jungle justice as both culprits have been seen tied to a big tire ready to be burnt before the security operatives came into rescue and the case should be served the right punishment according to the Law.

See more photos below:

This is really getting dangerous day by day, As a proper Nigerian, what do you think is the right offence for rapists?

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