Pandemonium As Elephant Storms First Bank Nigeria, Lagos State (Live Photos)

Mysterious Elephant After The Disaster
A live walking and physically okay ELEPHANT was seen today, few minutes ago at a First Bank Nigeria Branch at Seme Boarder – Lagos State, Nigeria at exactly 01:47pm in the bank premises after the the bank received a dispatch of money from the Bank Headquarters.
The ELEPHANT was said to appear just moments immediately the MONEY VAN left the bank premises. The route at which this ELEPHANT came into the bank is yet to be known.

There was fear and in-orderliness in the BANK as security operatives opened fire at the mysterious animal damaging the BANK premises after parting away with some huge amounts of money disclosed by the BANK Manager Mr. Ogunwusi Olaiya to be amounted to the sum of 125Million Naira!.

Not Only did this mysterious Elephant made away with such amounts of money but also destroyed the BANK premises and building beyond measures and also injured one of the staff who tried to stop its actions beyond circumstances.

Mobile Police have been notified of this development and have been deployed to the scene of the occurrence,  report says one individual has been injured around the ATM stand by the aggressive alteration of this animal,  Other Animals agents are also notified to move into the scene so as to safe this creature.

Details of this report will be brought to your notice later,  Stay updated with

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