This Picture Has Drawn Alot Of Confusion On Internet, See What People Are Saying (Photo)

The extent at which Nigerians take the lifestyle of living may sometimes be prone to ask if they have got some chills in respect of Thier environment. Religion is an integral part of the Nigerian life which sometimes determine the mode and directions some live their lives. Christians believe the Sunday is meant for total holiness as said in the 10 commandment given to Moses in the days of Bible, Muslim believes the Friday is the holy day (Jumat) when they pray to Allah.

This is the situation of a Nigerian man spotted today who is believed to be coming from a church carrying a Bible and holding a cigarette off in his mouth well lighted. There have been many speculations as to the totality of this story as it is either believed to either be a photoshoot or either a deliberate picture taken, but in the real sense it is regarded as inappropriate carrying a holy book and smoking.

Although, some Nigerians have condemned the emergence of this picture as absurd and disrespect to the holy Bible which is containing the good words and memory of Jesus Christ. On some other notes, some Nigerians think there is nothing wrong with the picture as though even the Bible never condemned smoking itself.

This act has also be done by Alaga ibile his previous album, What do you think about this picture, do you think it’s right to smoke while carrying the word of God?

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