Ruggedman Reacts To This Photo Circulating On Internet Which Has Got Fans Talking

Nigerian Legendary rapper ogechukuwu speaks out on the issue of forthcoming concert and the support of his colleague to The Nigerian Police. from his words

I have gotten so many different messages since I posted pictures and videos of myself and colleagues wearing the Nigerian Police uniform.
They are of mixed feelings and I understand everybody absolutely.
It’s a police concert billed for 20th of March 2018 inside University of Lagos.

I know the concert will not eradicate internet fraud immediately.
The government has to provide well paying jobs for the youths to see this start happening.
It will not stop police brutality, extortion, unlawful arrests and every other acts of impunity by bad officers. The @nigerianpoliceforce has to#reformthepolice and let their officers know they are out there to work for the people and not oppress the people.
They have to do a lot of work to gain the people’s trust and respect.

Before #Endsars or #Reformthepolice, I have been working with the good OFFICERS I know in getting justice for victims of police brutality.
I am involved in this because I see it as a platform to make the people’s fears be heard by the Nigerian Police and the government.
These are people who will facilitate the reforms we need.
The government needs to understand that the police need to be well taken care of, so they can have level heads to serve and protect. THEY ALSO NEED TO GIVE RETIRED OFFICERS THEIR BENEFITS.
So that serving officers do not see the force as an avenue to make money.

This concert will not give us the perfect police force, but what it will give me is a chance to speak for my people and I will definitely do that.

I applaud @opetodolapo for doing what has never been done before by our police.
Herself, @chikeotigodwin @aleeygiwa
@iheanachorifeanyiomuta are some of the great and upright officers I know.

God bless you and keep doing the great job. God keep and protect you for us.

What is your reaction to this as a Nigerian citizen and what treatment have you been getting from the police force?

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