How President Buhari Shocked Ghanaians Yesterday In His Independence Speech (Photo)

One of Africa’s most talked about Government is the Nigerian President, he has been famous since he started his regime 2015 for one thing or the other which will mostly catch the glimpse of his followers. The Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is a Daura born president who has started his presidential campaign since 2003 when he first contested in the presidential race. He has since then tried his luck for 3 times until he hot the mandate 2015. He is one of the oldest heads of State in The World after the end of Mugabe of Zimbabwe ended some months ago.

President Buhari served during the military regime as head of state which make him a equal in status as the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Though he has not yet gotten his second term in the democracy president but it has been said Buhari will be running for second term.

In the news yesterday was Ghana’s Independence Day celebration and Nigeria’s President Buhari was invited to give a speech, randomly in his famous speech has he said he will assist the country to fight corruption as he has been doing in his country Nigeria.

Ghanaians has condemned this statement as a joke and comments keep flowing in as The President a country which is fighting corruption presently is offering to continue in that wise with another neighboring country.

This statement by Muhammadu Buhari sound untrue to be told but with all proofs, what do you think about this


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