IG Users Insulted Simi For Calling This Handsome Man His Houseboy(Photo)

A celebrities are one particular symbolic individuals in the society who are celebrated for one feat or the other they have contributed to a society and they still keep doing to make their environment a better place. Celebrities may be a musician, poet, artist, icon or leader of an organization. Most times celebrities may be regarded as that one Deity who has lifted the name of a society to meet up with quality standards of the other neighbouring society so in most cases, Celebrities are very important people to have around.

Such is the case of Nigerian celebrities who are always praised and love to see around because of their contributions to the society. On most case Nigerian celebrities can be so frustrating as most of them didn’t see themselves as one important entity who are being tagged as mentor and role models.

This was the situation of the “JOROMI” crooner @simplysimi. She uploaded a picture of a young man on and herself on her IG page yesterday, she claimed it’s her houseboy on two different post she did. Instagram users have condemned her for that, she is said to be expected of high esteem and different from other celebrities who have always chose to be in the manner of looking down on people especially lower than them.

Celebrities may tend to be abusive or irrational at times, Generally what do you you think about Nigerian celebrities who are bullies?

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