[MUST READ] Nigerian Lady Narrates How Her Mother In Law Killed Her Baby (Photo)

Here is a story shared by a Nigerian mother for all Nigerian women to learn from

When a woman turns to the stage of being a mother, their are some things she should notice, some steps she must follow and she has her instinct to obey.
For a woman to carry a baby in her womb for nine months and go through the pain in delivery, she has really experienced a lot.. Although some women are extra careful but different advises from people around them lead them astray.

To those mothers -in- law who always believe that they know everything about nursing a baby, that they don’t take advise from anyone, they believe what made they nurtured their own child to become a father will never make them go wrong. Some take it to the extent of not giving the new mother ( their daughter in law) space to look after the child herself.

Let us all learn from the story this grieving Nigerian woman shared here-

People are always warned not to throw up new babies to avoid their brain from being damaged. Babies are fragile, therefore we should handle them with extra care.

This woman here is trying to warn all the mothers out there to always trust their motherly instincts and all the grandmothers to try to give space for new moms too to handle their babies by themselves. We understand that you are experienced and trying to help but sometimes mothers too can see what is right for their babies.
Babies are fragile, we should be extra careful in taking care of them.

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