See The Reason Why Woman Confessed How She Cursed Her Daughter’s Womb

Could it be out of frustration or out of anger, for a woman to purposely place a curse on her own daughter.. People always say ” nobody wants you to be greater than them except your parents “. We can say our mother is our small god, who always wish us great things in life because she gone through a lot in seeing us up.

A mother is someone you can go to, in times of depression and in your saddest days to comfort you.

A woman on twitter shared what a colleague told her about a woman in Nigeria who wanted to visit Israel for pilgrimage. A week before leaving for the pilgrimage their pastor told them in the church that if they have anyone in mind that has offended them, or anyone they have hurt, they should make peace with the person before leaving or else they will not come back to Nigeria alive. Then after service the woman called her daughter who lives in London and started asking for forgiveness and confessed that she has done many bad things to her, out of which she place a curse on her womb. And the daughter forgave her. So if not that the woman is afraid of death, she would not have confessed.

Only God can forgive us all..


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