Grandma Burns 5Yr Old Girl Hands, See Her Funny Reason (Graphic Photo)

A wicked Grandmother has reportedly said to have burnt her granddaughter’s hand in Edo state as a punishment for eating Noodles without her consent.

This incident happened some days ago in Benin City, Edo State. When neighbour who has witnessed the incident reported the case to the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and the Ministry has taken it into action by arresting the grandmother and took the child to Uniben Teaching Hospital for proper medical care and attention.

It was said that the child has eaten the noodles without her grandmother’s order due to hunger, which made the angry woman to place the child’s hand on a gas cooker until they we’re burnt before a neighbour could interfere by reporting to the ministry.

See photos below:

This has gone beyond punishment. It could lead to death. For a woman to go to the extent of putting her granddaughter’s hand on the fire could be termed “WICKEDNESS ”

Some people can go as far as giving their children injuries, all in the name of punishing them for the wrong they have done. This will not make them to stop what they did but make them become bolder to try it next time.

Little kids needs to be educated on what’s good and what’s bad, they need to be talked to and make them see what they did wrong, not make them feel like slaves

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