SENATE MACE SNATCHING: See Faces Of Thugs And Hoodlums On The Run(Photo Story)

The Nigerian Senate Mace has been stolen

Today witnessed a remarkable day in the history of Nigeria as one of the most unexpected event took place in the Nigerian history law making building which has been regarded to be the safe halls in Nigeria as to the power it holds in the decision of Nigerian rule.

Nigerian mace is described at the symbol of authority and peace in the country which dignifies the judiciary arm of government to make laws and set rules which checks the power of the legislative and the executive arms. They mace should always be in the hall while sitting is to be conducted as it represents a whole a nigeria’s hope which should not be disregarded and made scornful.

Reverse was the case today on a live show as The Nigerian symbol of peace and just was snatched away right in the middle of a sitting by some thuggery hoodlums who got into the Senate unaware with the whole of security personnels present, this has been described as a shameful act to have occurred in the Senate but what is been noted at game of possession made our personnel get a picture of this hoodlums

Alot of Nigerians have condemned this act and reacted in diverse ways which is not to be taken up in a well ordered country like Nigeria, but in back up for this, the Senate has settled with another mace but demand for the stolen mace to be returned in 24hours.


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