Wizkid’s Babymama, Shola Ogudu Exposes Him On Twitter ( See Reasons)

As Boluwatife Wizkid’s Son launched his clothing line for kids yesterday being his 7th year on earth, people are saying its bad for him not to have made any comment on the business in order to create awareness and sales. Also he has not posted his son’s pictures on social media to wish him a happy birthday. Shola Ogudu his babymama then reveals on twitter how she has been both the father and mother for their son.
Read her series of tweets below


I Workkkkk Sooooo Hardddddd Ma G!!!!! Sooooooo Harddddddd!!!!! Damnnn!!! I Literally Deserve EVERYTHING GOOD COMING MY WAY AND MORE!!! #SuPerThankFul 🙏🏻😇

Being a Mom and a Dad and Still Manage to Slay all at once on a Legit Income!!! Please I need my accolades served chilled!!!! It’s very well deserved!!! Thank you lord.. I’ll never get tired of thanking you God.. Cos I am where and who I am because of you my Miracle Worker!!!

I have a lottt to say.. I feel the need to call someone out so baddd

Like just blast out full REAL history for the public.
Let the world know the Real Truth not the liesss this person has made the world believe

But God keeps patting me on the back saying I gotchu baby…

..You’ve been strong for so long don’t let nobody change that

So because of the fear of God in me I’ll save this person face.

And Leave this person to Karma to do what it does best…

My Awesome God.. The one that was and is and yet t Come.. The I Am that I am.. The unchangeable Changer, The Waymaker.. May your name be HIGHLY EXALTED LORD.. ILove you Lord!! Thank you for a new day, a new dawn a new year in the life of my SON.. You alone is worthy to be PRAISED

Happy 7th Birthday Boluwatife Mi Owon .. Mummy Loves You Unconditionally Forever and a day More.. Thanks For Making it Sooooo Easy 🙏🏻❤ Love you BABY!!!

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