STRANGE!! This Girl Resurrection Story Is Unbelievable (Photo)

This report was culled from a daily gist blog on the Zambian exclusive stories about a town called masala in Zambia, it was reported that a girl who has been buried 2 years ago had to be dugged out to life by an unknown circumstances which left everyone in the town amazed.

There was drama in Zambia, on Monday, after a girl from Masala compound in Ndola, who died two years ago, walked back to her Mother’s home in the morning.

This came to light when she was taken to Ndola Police station where a huge crowd gathered to witness the event. The parents to the girl identified as Winnie, explained that she died two years ago after an illness and was buried.

They narrated that the body even went through a church service and body viewing before it was buried at Mitengo cemetery.

Ndola residents gathered at Ndola Central Police where the parents and the girl are being kept awaiting for a DNA test to be authorised and conducted on the girl.

The parents have also submitted the death certificate and birth certificate to the police to help establish the truth

Cases like this have been occurring of people coming back to life but that of 2 years post death is strange.

What would you do if this story happened to someone close to you?

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