#EkitiDecides: Live Updates On Ekiti Governorship Election 2018

Ekiti Governorship election 2018 has officially started with 2195 polling units in Ekiti, it’s been reported that 5-6 policemen are stationed in all polling unit, from 30,000 mobile police deployed into Ekiti State. It is said that in this election there are 34 political parties involved including PDP And APC

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Election Analysis and live Update:

8:10: Election started at ikere ward 4 Unite 8 Eleyo high school ikere, voters are seen elated and accreditation going on with adequate security men

9:20: At Ikoro Ekiti, there’s said to be a little controversy in the air where there about 600 accredited voters but mostly are old people who needed someone to show them where to vote but the officers would not allow them do that as it is against the process. It’s reported that just an NDLEA Officer and FRSC man present at the location

9:40: At ilawe ward, election has started and accreditation is going on and people has started voting while going home after the process, and also at igbara odo at ward 8 & 9

9:43: Ipoti Ward B unit 2 Baptist Primary school is said to be facing a challenge of the card readers not capturing the fingers of the old people with 941 voters, Once officers there have contacted the supervisors in that area. 33 people have voted so far there

9:43: At Ido osi/moba, and also otun, people have been on ground as at 7:30 to start voting but the smart card readers have not been functioning properly and while moving along ayetoro,  some suspected hoodlums have been arrested while trying to attack a unit.

10:03: At oye LG,  voting has started and security operatives are fully on ground working well to see there is enough comfort for everyone,  also patrols on ground. Also there is a military check point at Isan ekiti being the hometown of the APC John Kayode Fayemi  and no card reader problem

10:10: At Osun ward 10, card reader has been affecting them and they are lots of pregnant women on que, and the officials are waiting to go on with the manual process

10:22: At ilupo ekiti Ijero LG,  Election is going on properly but there is soft drink inducement at these area as the normal financial inducement been done at Ipoti, this is been done somewhere else not by the party agents

10:25: voters are on the que while INEC staffs attending to physically challenged individuals with card readers working properly 

10:30: At Ado LG, Olaoluwa with 7 polling units,  voting going on properly with some people hanging around

10:30: At Isan Ekiti, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi has just voted and he said there are some issues with card readers and also probably suspected issues.

10:38: Electorates disagree to allow party agents vote first,  adults electorates said agents should wait. At afao the hometown of the incumbent Governor. Fayose is still expected to cast his vote at adeosun compound unit 004

10:44: At the hometown of the Speaker Ekiti State house of assembly, Speaking with RT. HON Kola Oluwole, He said it has started well but issues with card reader spending about on hour and also security is okay.

10:53: At ikole, in odo street and oke ayedun,  people are not allowed to vote with issues with card readers and also INEC officials not giving comments.

11:19: At ikoro, unit 001. A politician who was a former state chairman with policemen attached sharing money beside a bank with other security officials watching

11:24: At ikole ward 3 unit 004, Ballot boxes have been broken and also ballot paper scattered by hoodlums, though security operatives have arrested some of them but the electorates have ordered the ballot paper not to be touched and the votes must be counted like that with the ballot papers on the ground

11:50: As at now at irepodun LG,  the voting process right now is at normal level and no issues whatsoever is going on and as well as oke imesi Ekiti just that some voters who have voted so far are lurking around monitoring the vote.  No voter inducements in this area so far

12:40: PDP governorship candidate, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, unable to cast his vote The PDP governorship candidate, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, has not been able to vote at his Unit 007 Ward 2 in Ikere because the card reader could not read his permanent voter card.

12:42: At omi okun ekiti, voting has ended and also at most wards in igbara odo while people are waiting to see the outcome when it’s being counted by 2pm.

12:49: We had the opportunity to speak with former Governor of Ekiti State,  Asiwaju Segun Oni, He said ifaki polling units have been peaceful and election going on properly except for the card reader being extremely slow and if they could get another card reader on standby to make things a bit faster. He also said he didn’t know anything about the voters inducement plus the security is well monitored at his polling unit”

01:05: PDP Governorship candidate Prof. Olusola Eleka has successfully voted after the card reader failed to verify his identity. Following the intervention of State INEC Officials, he has been legible to vote now and all card readers in Ikere LG is good and working.

01:07: As at now,  the incumbent Governor of Ekiti State Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose  is yet to cast his vote at afao Ekiti. Though the Wife of the Governor has her different voting center and she has cast her vote but the Governor is yet to visit his polling unit.

01:11 At Ipoti Ekiti, Ijero LG Voting has ended but the INEC officials said they are still waiting for more people to coming out to vote and also politicians are parading with police officers which is believed not to be happening.

01:15 At ilawe ekiti, unit 7,8,9,10. Electorates have successfully voted and the INEC officials on ground have ended the voting process. Speaking with a voter,  he said voting in their area went peacefully and no voter inducements in took place.

01:21: At Ado Ekiti ward 11 unit 4, political thugs have destroyed voting process going on and attacked voters with heavy gun shots right now.

02:13: At most wards visited such as ikole, igbara odo, ikere, irepodun, Ado, voting process has ended, the wards left are those affected by smart card readers and there are enough INEC officials attending to voters right now.

02:21: At Aramoko Ward 2 polling unit 26, Ballot boxes have been destroyed and ballot paper burnt into ashes,  though security operatives have apprehended the culprit but voters have been left amazed and all going back to their home peacefully as voting is been distrupted in that area

02:29: Ise Ekiti ward 7 unit 7 is yet to commence voting process as the card reader failed to verify voters before voting can commence. The unit has about 526 accredited voters and the electorates have decided not to leave unless they cast thier votes.

02:51: At ilawe Ekiti HQ of Ekiti so in the west,  Election results have already been announced in that area so as Ayegunle, Ijero LG has seen people jubilating and moving into beer parlours to celebrate. While INEC officials in this areas were seen packing up to the RAC Centers

04:17: Normal vehicle activities have reportedly been returning to the streets of Ekiti State,  and no major problems in Amy areas

Results have started coming in, stay tuned with us as we will start to upload results as soon it’s verified😀

02:34am: 14 local Governments Ready,  Stay Tuned.. ..

02:57am: There are 34 parties who contested for the election. For better clarification of results,  we ‘ll only notify for two highest expectations which is the PDP and APC. 

Results below: 👇 👇

LG                APC          PDP         VOID

Ilejemeje      4153           3937         153

Irepodun     13869         11456       1362

Ido/Osi         12342         11145       1258

Oye               14995         11271       1363

Efon              5028           5192         471

Moba            11837        8520          660

Ijero             14192        11077       1528

Gboyin        11498        8027          880

Emure         7048          7121          556

Ikere            11515       17183       1132

Ekiti-West   12648       10137       1196

Ikole             14522       13961      1896

Ise/Orun      11908        6297        756

Ekiti-East    12778        11564     1326

Ekiti-SW      11015        8423       1304

Ado              28111        32810     3095

Total           197459     178121     18936

Results so far(based on LGs won) 
APC 12 - 4 PDP

Winning Margin

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  1. The election was very bad, they operate open ballot election, there are just making noise there that the election is see and buy, one of them even say that the peoples voting don’t have future, that they only know money, the force that is there to supervise are just telling the APC does people who vote for them or not

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