[MUST READ] 7 Things You Can Observe To Know A Man Can Beat You

A Lady should watch what heart her man owns and help him to always learn to forgive and forget.

1. If a man is a drug adict/hot tempered: he is likely to get flared up any time and beat you up.

2. If you marry a man who is not caring because of your greediness or materialism,he will end up beating you

3. Once you find out that your guy is a stammerer [most of them are likely to become fraustrated] Just make him happy all the time

4.When you discover that the guy you have is a Cronic illiterate. He at times will not understand you which will want him to turn it into a fight and beat you up

5. If you marry a man that does not love you, he will not get enticed by you and when he gets tired of you,he will try to beat you up. if it is you that love the man,it is better you go for the one that loves you.

6. If man impregnate you by mistake and he does not really like you or he is not ready yet, he will think of you as a burden on him and try to start beating yo

7. If your parents marry you out for business, you may have someone else you love while he may also have someone else he loves,this will start bringing hatred between you two and will result to him beating you

Written and compiled by – Omotosho Taiwo Evelyn 

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