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Up your visibility game here,  check out master strategy which has been working for us

Lets do an estimate of how much you lost today due to your invisibility. 20 million Nigerians are on internet per minute
lest say a fraction of that is your ideal customer, let’s say a meager 2.5% that gives us about 500,000 people You have an option of selling to 10% of this number every year.

If your product/service has a profit margin of say ₦1,500 you have an opportunity of making a profit of ₦75,000,000 (75 million naira)
Imagine for a second what that money can do in your life and in the life of your children the good news is, It is not too late to have a visibility plan for the year
The bad news is, you cannot outsource visibility.

But you can get it, 9japosh Media is the Visibility building page on instagram and can take you from invisible to invincible in the online space in 30 days or less
Here is how the whole visibility thing works visibility leads to credibility, and credibility leads to sales. No Visibility = No sale
End of story.

WIll you be needing help in Amplifying Your Visibility Game?
With Just ₦6000 (Negotiable) your products/services will be visible on our instagram page, Facebook page and our website front page ( for the period of 30 days
For inquiries:

IG: @9japosh_Media
WhatsApp: 07038287089

We Offer

1. Sponsored Post

2. Banner Ad

  • – 300 x 250 px
  • – 720 x 90 px & ( 360 x 45 for mobile )
  • – 300 x 100 px
  • – 300 x 600 px

3. Text Link Ad ( Max. of 65 character including spaces )

4.  Social Media Campaign .

  • – Facebook Fans : 100+
  • – Instagram Followers : 500+
  • – Twitter Followers : 320 +

93 % of Our Visitors are Nigerians .

Last Updated : 22nd February  2018

To make further advert inquiries or place an order , please contact us and we ’ll send our ad rate and other necessary information.We’re looking forward to doing business with you. Thanks

Gabriel Temmy