[Photo] Police Van Burnt, 18yr Old Boy Shot As Crisis Rocks Abia Community

Afara local government in Abia state today had a black salah has residents attacks a police van who was said to have killed and innocent boy

From the report given by a witness who narrated to us, he said The incident happened around 10pm last night with gun shots fired at the Deceased boy

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18 years old boy name Christian onuoha was shot twice this evening at Afara Umuahia North ABIA State and was rush to the hospital immediately.
According to the villages, the boy was flashed with a light by a Hilux vehicle own by a Mopol named Akpugo Collis the boy said dim your light before two second what was heard was a gun shot…..
And the moopol ran away… Behind is the mopol pics

Security operatives are presently at the scene to investigate the situation and peace will surely be restored to the affected area

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