Talents are very precious for they are God given. It is important that we practice our talents. This is to help you improve in your talents effectively.

Here are some tips –
1:- You have to decide which talent you really want to improve on. Taking a long time to decide just wastes your time to practice that talent.
2:- It is better to just pick one talent to really practice and work hard on. Working on two talents at a time will split your time for both talents into half. Thus reduced time to practice them. So it will take a longer time to be really good on these talents.
3:- You really have to devote your time to doing it. You have to learn to sacrifice your time into doing your talent. It takes discipline and hardwork. If you don’t want to do it, then how can you reach and fulfill your dreams.
4:- Set a regular time, when to practice your talent. Such as every 4 to 5pm everyday. This is to show that you are physically and mentally ready, when you practice your talents.
5:- Don’t always practice the exact same thing. Example, if you want to be a good baseball player, don’t always practice on shooting skills but also practice the dribbling so you get better.

Always remember to continue practise and don’t stop. If you stop, you’ll get a lot worse in the talent and could take some time to reach the place where you were before. Use your time wisely, seek for advice from elders and stick to it. Above all, pray to God to lead you through. Success is yours.


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