Vector Speaks Hard About Lagos Building Collapse

The tragic event which stuck in Lagos has attracted lots of reactions from both far and near as some tagged it fault to the government intervention while others have a diverse thought about it being brought about by mismanagement.

Nigerian rapper VECTOR D VIPER also share some facts from his view about the lagos building collapse

if the government doesn’t act now, there will be more collapse of houses. we beg too much for things to slide even when its clear that those things hurt us. my family has had to bring down one of our properties because it was titled a bit and was deemed not fit to stand but on Lagos Island, anyone with little land and money wants to build massive structures and manage resources too. some houses on Lagos Island are too close to each other therefore obstructing free flow of air, some have more sand than cement. it’s sad that nothing is regulated and we live in the .ist famous Nigerian city. when we talk education, our people will call it I.T.K (I too know) but the simple fact that alot of the gathered folks didn’t even think to allow ventilation for the rescued is a thing on it own.

or is it the police and other rescue agencies that were supposed to secure the perimeter and create ease of access for the ambulance and even safety of the crowd but no… just appearing at the site of the incident is always a good P.r look that the leader cares.

prevent it so you can spend valuable time doing more than having to show up at scenarios that could have been avoided…. there’s already too much to do for growth.

Has he spoke your mind?  What do you think caused the building collapse?

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